Mushroom Dome Cabin (Aptos/ California)

Located in a quiet yet convenient location the Mushroom Dome Cabin is the perfect destination for both San Francisco Bay area residents and travelers.
Centrally located on the Monterey Bay, it's only 10 minutes from the beach (Rio Del Mar and Seacliff State Beach) and 20 minutes to downtown Santa Cruz. The 10,000 acre Nisene Marks State Park is ideal for hiking or dirt biking in the Redwoods and along Aptos creek.

The cozy and clean semi-rustic cabin has a loft under a geodesic dome (the "mushroom cap"). The interior ceiling has recently been lined with 144 plywood triangles. The loft has a double bed and downstairs you'll find a little kitchen, seating area with fold out table, and bathroom with shower.

Crystal River Tree House (Carbondale/ Colorado)

This tree house speaks to adults and children alike.
It was designed in collaboration by Green Line Architects and "tree house expert" David Rasmussen.

The 230 square-foot tree house is mainly supported by log columns, since the trees on the property weren't strong enough to build on. All framing materials for the house are reclaimed timber, including the sheathing and siding which are locally-sourced white pine and cedar. The walls are insulated and there's also a wood stove to keep the space cozy in winter.

Ihwa Mural Village (Seoul/ South Korea)

Over sixty murals fill the walls of the charming village, painted as part of the "ART in the City 2006" campaign by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to rejuvenate the image of these smaller, older neighborhoods of Seoul and give them an artistic and cultural makeover. Now it has become a bit of a tourist destination and some of the houses have been converted into restaurants and cute little cafes because of it.
The Mural Village is located in Ihwa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul-si.

Tiny Dwellings in the Meadow (Joseph/ Oregon)

Situated in a 2 acre meadow along the Wallowa River in eastern Oregon, Dan Price's hobbit houses are barely visible in the natural landscape.
The adventurer and author has been living in this meadow for 25 years now.
As an advocate for minimal living, Price believes tiny homes can make for a happier life, without the financial burden that can come with larger homes. Looking to downsize his life, he rented a plot of lush forest in 1990, and began building tiny homes on it. The first was a tipi, then came huts, sheds and now the underground room. The other yurt- type house is a propane powered sweatlodge.

Colourful Interiors of Old Town Ghadames (Ghadames/ Libya)

These fantastic interiors are part of the Old Town in Ghadames - a protected heritage site in Libya. The white-washed walls of the city give it the nickname 'Pearl of the desert".
The mud houses usually have no windows, only small ventilation openings to maintain a cool temperature inside during summer and a warm habitat in the cold winter nights. The interiors are painted with intricate Berber designs, using red paint on white walls, and decorated with hanging ornaments. The traditional Berber designs used include triangles, diamonds, the sun, the moon, the palm, the eye, the hand, and the Tuareg cross.
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