La Serpiente - The Snake (Naucalpan/ Mexico)

This fantastic snake-shaped structure is an apartment building designed by Javier Senosiain, a Mexican architect celebrated as a key exponent and explorer of "organic architecture".
The land it was constructed upon proved to be both, a challenge and an inspiration for the architect. He included the irregular shapes and caves in the design - the biggest cave got transformed into a giant serpent's head inspired by Aztec snake god Quetzalcoatl.

Jack Sparrow House (St. Keverne/ U.K)

The Jack Sparrow House is a guest house in St. Keverne on the Lizard Peninsula of Cornwall. Its lofty position gives water views of Falmouth Bay the fields and orchards of Tregaminion. The cabin has been lovingly constructed with careful attention to detail.
Downstairs there's a seating/kitchen area and a double bed on the mezzanine. It is fully insulated with double glazed windows and has heating for chillier nights.
Facilities include: Two burner hob and grill. Cold box for cool storage. There's composting toilet inside as well as separate horsebox shower and toilet outside.

Akebono Kodomo no Mori Koen (Hanno/ Japan)

Akebono Kodomo no Mori Koen is a "Moomin Valley" inspired park for children, consisting of a collection of adorable buildings, bridges, a tree house, and a light-house in the center of a small pond.
The white house (pictured above) has live grass growing on the roof. The inside of the building has three floors, with elaborate, wooden staircases & a beautiful iron railing.

Cosmic Greenhouse (Germany)

“Cosmic Greenhouse” is an abandoned series of dome- shaped greenhouses.
They're somewhere in Germany but the exact location is not revealed by the urban explorer who took the photos, probably to protect the place from vandalism.

John Wild's Cob Home (Aspen/ Colorado)

Not much is known about this beautiful creation of organic-architecture other than that it belongs to a man called John Wild and that it was built in 1970 in Aspen Colorado.

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